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Night of Cake and Puppets (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #2.5)

Night of Cake & Puppets - Laini Taylor

It feels weird to give five stars to a something as short and sweet as this, because really, how does it compare to say, The Lord of the Rings or A Clockwork Orange (two books I have given five stars to)? The short answer is it doesn't and I'm overthinking things. This was exactly perfect for what it was: a lovely, funny, (and romantic!) well-written story told from Zuzana's perspective.

Laini Taylor's voice punches me in the neck with just how far above most YA authors published today she is in terms of talent and imagination. Everything about this short, fun story is 1000% better than 99% of the crap being published by other authors. For me, at least, even the better efforts from others in the genre(which I enjoy) seem amateur and bloodless when compared to even this silly 89 page novella.

Laini Taylor is a damn treasure, is what I'm saying. And you can quote me on that.