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30 Day Book Playlist Challenge, Day 23: Ska

Fuzzy Nation - John Scalzi Redshirts - John Scalzi Agent to the Stars - John Scalzi The Android's Dream - John Scalzi

Day 23: Name a book that you enjoyed, but read through quickly without really thinking about it. (Ska)


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Scalzi's stand-alone sci-fi tends to perfectly fit this description. It's intelligent and well-written, but it is also intentionally accessible in a way that a lot of sci-fi isn't. Plus it's funny as hell (if you like Scalzi's sort of humor, which I do). I'm re-reading Fuzzy Nation right now, and it is so. much. fun. It's just my cheese, man.


(Note: Almost didn't include Redshirts, because you could get thinky and emotional about it if you wanted. Especially the ending. But I put it on anyway, because it's such a fast, fun read.)

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