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30 Day Book Playlist Challenge, Day 20: Fusion

Alif the Unseen - G. Willow Wilson The Complete Maus: A Survivor's Tale - Art Spiegelman, Fred Jordon The Rook - Guards! Guards! - Terry Pratchett Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson

Day 20: Name a book you've read that has multiple genres or cross-genre appeal. (Fusion)


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This was a fun one! Also, really hard to pick, because a lot of my favorite books are ones that are hard to classify because they do cross so many different genres. (A lot of the time genre classifications just seem like a way for publishers to market books and can seriously get in the way of books finding audiences (paradoxically)).


Alif the Unseen is a book that very few people have read, which is a shame. It is delightful. It crosses so many genres it must have been a nightmare for publishers. It's a hodge podge of fairy-tale, mythology, religion, fantasy, coming of age story, and techo-thriller (the main character is a hacker on the run from the government). It's also got a smidgeon of political, class, and gender explorations. It's a bountiful chest of treasure, basically, and it's beautifully written to boot.


The Complete Maus was one of the best graphic novels I read last year, and the way it mixes history, biography, and the speculative nature of portraying NAZIs as cats, and Jews as mice, is kind of a wonder to behold.


The Rook is a super-fun book from debut Australian author Daniel O'Malley. It's a hybrid mystery/thriller that also has paranormal and urban fantasy elements mixed in, with just a smidge of governmental conspiracy. It's also one of the most well-done first person narrators I've ever seen.


Guards! Guards! is my favorite Terry Pratchett book (so far -- I've only read up to #15 in Discworld, so maybe I haven't even read my favorite yet). All of his books are cross-genre, mixing his own personal brand of humor and satire in with fantasy, and whatever thing he is currently aping. In this one it's police stories, with the bumbling Night's Watch, and it is gloriously wonderful.


I also wanted to include Steelheart because it's my most recent read of the cross-genre sort (excepting Outlander, which I haven't finished yet). It's really interesting to see the way Sanderson mixes the tropes of YA lit, superhero stories, and dystopias together into one. (Not to mention the caper thing . . . damn if I don't love a good caper.)

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