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The Walking Dead, Vol. 15: We Find Ourselves

The Walking Dead, Vol. 15: We Find Ourselves - Robert Kirkman

Another day, another dollar? I guess? Except who gives a shit about money when there are zombies?

They've finished off the zombies that invaded the Safe-Zone, Carl is in a coma, some of the Safe-Zoners resent Rick and his group for changing things, people are dead all over the place, stupid Abraham cheated on Rosita, and Andrea totally is jonesing for Rick. And Rick? He's convinced that the reason all their past tempts at survival failed so badly is because he was only concerned with the safety of his family, and not with the community. He says now he realizes they can accomplish so much with a larger group of people, and he hopes to still be in the Safe-Zone when Carl is thirty.

I was all pumped after the last one because I thought it signaled a change (finally) in the pattern of this story. Unfortunately, I don't think it really did. This issue just felt like more of the same: Rick having a "revelation," thinking they've finally found the answer, and then what comes next is always devastation. The fact that this volume ends with some of the Safe-Zoners getting violent leads me to believe I'm right.