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30 Day Book Playlist Challenge, Day 11: Carol

The Magic Christmas - Francine Pascal, Jamie Suzanne

Day 11: Name a book set within a holiday. (Carol)


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I just found my copy of this book tucked into a dusty old box and it brought back so many memories, so I had to use it in this challenge. I always liked the Sweet Valley Twins series anyway, but there was something about this particularly volume that really struck my fancy. If I re-read it, it probably wouldn't hold up, but man did I love it as a kid. The Harlequinn dolls, the fact that it's set at Christmas, the alternate universe, the double twin thing, mermaids, mazes, castles . . . it was like somebody asked me what cool things I wanted in a book and then published this book as the answer.


I also liked the other Christmas Sweet Valley books (which included a SVH riff on It's a Wonderful Life and another on A Christmas Carol and another on Big! if I'm remembering correctly), but this one was always my favorite.