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A 30 Day Book Playlist Challenge?

Reblogging this from Raging Snarky Stormtrooper Pony because it looks like fun, and well, with NaNoWriMo and blogging daily commitments, in addition to my Cannonball Read and Harry Potter Medicinal Re-Read contributions this month, why not add one more thing onto the pile?


Liz Loves Books made a post over this way asking about potential challenges we could do in future venues.  My mind's being random today and I don't have a fancy gif for it (yet, but I could try to make one - or if someone is more artistically inclined, they can try), but would anyone be interested in doing a challenge like this?  I'm coming up with the prompts ahead of time so that it can be spelled out, but I thought it would be cool do do something of a 30 Day Book Playlist Challenge.  I'm a lover of music of many genres (go figure) so this is something I'm probably going to challenge myself to over the next 30 Days if all goes well.


Day 1: Name a favorite book with a rebellious character or a character that does something against the status quo (Punk)


Day 2: Name a book(s) you've read that make you think of one of the seven deadly sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath)  (Irish punk - or really just a Flogging Molly song that came to mind when thinking of this prompt: =P)


Day 3:  Name a book you've read that you loved that's well known, OR a book that you've read - like or dislike - that it seems everyone talks about. (Pop)


Day 4: Name a book that you've read that you love, but not a lot of people talk about.  Or it can be your "Best Kept Secret" book. (Indie)


Day 5: Name a favorite book you've read featuring a musician as a main or side character.  If you can't think of any, a book with a musical theme or that was based on a musical is good too.


Day 6: Name a book that hurt you to read, but was so, so good. (Blues)


Day 7: Name a book that you consider a slow burner, but had strong emotions behind it. (Ballad)


Day 8: Name a book which shares a name with a song you know or love.


Day 9: Name a favorite book, and think of a book soundtrack for it.  Name as many songs as you want to put with that book's soundtrack.


Day 10: Name a guilty pleasure or mindless read that you loved. (Bubblegum Pop)


Day 11: Name a book set within a holiday.  (Carol)


Day 12: Name a book that you've read or want to read based in a foreign country. (World)


Day 13: Name five books that you're looking forward to reading or those that excite you in some way.  (Dance/Electronica)


Day 14: Think of a song you know and love, and do the reverse of Day 9: Assign books to that song.  =P


Day 15: Name book(s) that you've read or loved set in the 18th - 19th centuries. (Classical)


Day 16:  Name a book you've read that's humored or light in tone, but at the same time quite dark.  If you can't think of any, a book with a dark thematic will suffice.  (Dark ambient)


Day 17: Name a book you've read with a hero/heroine who is either poor or from a lower background in status/society.  May be someone who remains in that class or aspires to greater living. (Folk)


Day 18: Name 5 books that are on your mind right now.  Seriously, just do it. (Freestyle)


Day 19: Name a book you've read that's either with a specific religion as a focus or something with a heavy moral/social issue in its backdrop.


Day 20: Name a book you've read that has multiple genres or cross-genre appeal. (Fusion)


Day 21: Name a book you've read that was dramatic or angst-ridden.  (Emo)


Day 22: Name a book with a tortured hero/heroine. (Grunge)


Day 23: Name a book that you enjoyed, but read through quickly without really thinking about it. (Ska)


Day 24: Name a book that you loved written from multiple perspectives or book that emphasized a particular group of characters or family.  (Jazz)


Day 25: Name a book you've read in the past that still remains with you today.  (Old School)


Day 26: Name a book that you would like to see turn into a musical (or one that would seem fun as a musical).


Day 27: Name a book that blew your mind.  (Rock or Heavy Metal)


Day 28: Name a book with a nostalgic or feeling of home.  (Country)


Day 29: Name a book you've read that was all kinds/levels of weird - good or bad. (Stoner Rock)


Day 30: Choose a genre/theme day!  Choose among any of the aforementioned music genres (or feature a genre that hasn't been mentioned) and list a prompt and book under that theme. This is so that people can get creative with both the books they choose and/or a musical style they may like.  (Experimental)



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