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In the Hand of the Goddess (Song of the Lioness, #2)

In the Hand of the Goddess  - Tamora Pierce

Couldn't wait for my library to get their shit together so I went out to Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy. Totally worth it.


I basically have the same things to say about book two as I did about book one, which makes sense as Pierce originally wrote the quartet as one volume and broke it up into pieces when it was to be published. The story still zooms through time like it means nothing, and as a result, stuff seems to come out of nowhere sometimes, but especially considering this series was first published over twenty years ago, those complaints don't change the fact that this is a wonderful story. Also, the sex took me by surprise. The first mention of it is a one sentence throwaway ("Soon they were sleeping together -- sometimes.") and you could almost miss the implications if you weren't thinking about it too hard. But then Alanna and Jonathan totally do it and Pierce treats it like it's absolutely no big deal at all. Well, clarification. What I mean is she treats it like sex is a normal part of adolescence. It is a big deal to Alanna in terms of her emotional growth. Still, it was surprising -- most YA books even nowadays don't go there.


Forcing myself to wait for the library to get me the last two books in the series.