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Daytripper - Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Craig Thompson, Dave Stewart, Sean Konot

I was expecting something wonderful (because wonderful is all I've heard about this), but all I got was "okay." The artwork is gorgeous, but the premise is problematic. If it weren't for the fact that Brás "dies" at the end of every issue, I would have actually loved it, but the obituaries at the end of each little vignette ended up feeling maudlin and overly sentimental. Actually, the word I'm looking for is "cheap." (Not to mention, what is the point? In fact, I see no other point to it than to make us feel sad, which is where the maudlin part comes in.) If this book were nothing but a non-chronological portrait of a man's life, it would have been wonderful, but having Brás die at the end of every vignette actually makes it less moving. What makes it worse is that the point Ba and Moon seem to have been making is a great one, that life and death are inextricably connected, that you can't appreciate one without the other. But overall, very disappointing.