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Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, #7)

Dead Beat  - Jim Butcher

I was really hoping Sirens of Titan would be my 100th book this year, but I guess I'll have to settle for Dead Beat instead.


Actually, this is hands down my favorite of the Dresden Files books so far, so I really shouldn't complain. The main story with Harry vs. the Necromancers really grabbed me, and I LOVED Butters (and Thomas) as Harry's sidekicks. Loved Thomas as Harry's brother, too. (I just love the way Butcher is now populating Harry's world in general. He was boring to me as a guy with no people he cared about.) But probably my favorite thing about this book -- and I'm guessing it's signally a change in the way Butcher writes these things -- is the way Harry's Chicago is filling up with secondary characters. Even characters that I didn't enjoy in previous books played really well in this one, both because it gives an actual lived-in quality to the city Harry calls home, and because seeing them again gives them more depth as characters as well. It's almost like Butcher is treating these novels more like a long increasingly serialized television show -- it's really interesting, and it applies for actions Harry committed in other books as well. (The bit with Lasciel was very cool, even if I did guess what Butcher was going for halfway through.)


Other things I liked: Sue the dinosaur, the shades-of-grey villains Cowl and Kumore, Harry housesitting for Murphy (and wrecking her house), turning Bob the skull into something completely terrifying . . . I could go on.


In other Ashley-gets-annoyed-with-Jim-Butcher news: Butcher still WAY overuses the word 'glowered,' although in this book characters saying things 'quietly' actually beat out the number of times characters 'glowered.' Dude: it loses its impact if you do it all the time (which you do), so STOP IT ALREADY. Also, Harry is still a sexist ass sometimes, but at least he's a nice one? And once again, Harry manages to stay out of trouble for six months to a year only to have literally everything possible go wrong all at the same time. Oh, and Harry may have come to terms with Warden Morgan, but I still can't stand him. He's an idiot.


In closing, "Polka will never die!" I know that's everyone's favorite part, but I think there's a reason, and that reason is it's amazing.