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Moving Pictures (Discworld, #9)

Moving Pictures (Discworld, #10) - Terry Pratchett

This book was very disappointing. Usually I have no trouble retaining interest in a Terry Pratchett/Discworld novel, but this one I had to force myself to finish.


I think my problem with it is that it's too literal. What I love about Pratchett's writing most of the time is how he manages to mock things scathingly while at the same time making wonderful (and more general) loving comments about humanity. By following such a narrow path as he did in this book (with the straight on Hollywood/Holy Wood parody), he didn't leave himself much room for creativity, and that it made it feel forced. All the movie quotes and allusions to Golden Age Hollywood were all very clever, but left me feeling cold. In fact, now that I think about it, all of my least favorite Discworlds are straight parodies: Wyrd Sisters (Macbeth), Eric (a combination of Dr. Faustus, Dante's Inferno, The Iliad), etc. I also didn't care for the characters very much. Or, actually, at all. There was this one point in the book where Victor Tugelbend runs into two Night Watch guys and my brain like jumpstarted, which is when I realized I wanted to be reading one of the Night Watch ones instead.


Unless you are a completist, skip this one. I should have.