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30 Day Book Playlist Challenge, Day 7: Ballad

The Constant Gardener - John le Carré The Remains of the Day -

Day 7: Name a book that you consider a slow burner, but had strong emotions behind it. (Ballad)


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Damn, I love these two books. And in both cases, I mostly only read out of curiosity. I didn't expect to love them so much, but I did. Also in both cases, when I finished, I felt like I had been punched in the soul.


Maybe it's that both books are about dealing with regret and things lost. They couldn't be more different if they tried (one being about an English butler, the other being a hybrid thriller/Lit about Africa and pharmaceutical corruption), but they both give me the same feeling.


I don't even have words right now to tell you more than that. Just trust me and read them if you haven't. (Even if you normally only read genre . . . because normally I only read genre, and I still loved them.)

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