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The Walking Dead, Vol. 10: What We Become

The Walking Dead Vol. 10: What We Become - Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman

Aaaaand I'm already starting to get fatigue again with this series. I mean, these guys just can't catch a break, and the minute you think Kirkman can't pull anything worse or more disgusting or more horrifying out of his sleeve, he does.


What We Become follows Rick and Co. on the first leg of their journey to Washington D.C., as things once again start to fall apart. Rick and Carl are still dealing with the trauma of having lost Lori and baby Judy. Rick is still hallucinating conversations with dead Lori, and Carl exhibits some worrying trends. For the first time, he talks about when he murdered Shane back at the end of Vol. 1 in order to save his father, and despite it being kind of a horrifying moment, it's also kind of sweet because he and Rick totally bond over being monstrous human beings together. But even if Carl and Rick are growing closer, other stuff is going to shit. Their new companion, Abraham, is also turning into a monster, almost murdering Rick because of his fierce temper and unending rage. Maggie tries to kill herself, Sophia is pretending her dead mother never existed, and Dale is fed up with constantly traveling around and wants to find a place to stay permanently, despite the risks.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Rick, Abraham, and Carl head up to Rick's old hometown to get supplies from the police station and they run into Morgan, also from Vol. 1, only he hasn't fared so well. His son, Duane, has turned into a zombie, and he's been keeping him chained up inside his house, murdering anyone (human or zombie) who tries to enter his house. He's losing his mind. Morgan's transformation is especially devastating because, even though all the other characters are just as messed up as he is, we didn't get to see that gradual process of him turning into someone else. When Rick left him he was fine and everybody was hopeful, and now he is ruined. His presence as part of the group also doesn't sit well with anyone except Rick. Even Carl is made uncomfortable by Morgan's presence. By the end, when Rick and the others return, having lead an enormous herd of zombies their way, Dale finally gets fed up. He's had it with Rick constantly 'endangering' everyone, so that's probably going to blow up in the future. Oh, also did I mention that one of the orphans Dale and Andrea took in is totally a serial killer in the making? His twin catches him in the act of killing a cat and mutilating its corpse.


What the fuck is wrong with Robert Kirkman? I feel like I've made it this far so I should just keep going, but at the end of the day if things keep going this way, I'm probably going to stop reading. All this endless suffering with no discernible end in sight just doesn't do it for me.