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The Wordy Shipmates

The Wordy Shipmates - Sarah Vowell

I feel that I should give this book five stars solely for the monumental task of writing history so that I could actually follow it, something my brain has a great amount of trouble with for some reason.


This was my first Vowell, and it was good enough that I shall most definitely be reading another. My only complaint is with the lack of chapters and the occasional jumping around in time, but again, this complaint is most likely mine alone because of my fuzzy-history-brain. It's a good thing this book was so enjoyable, because I'm going to forget everything that was in it in about two weeks and have to read it all over again. Just exactly why I can remember every minute little plot bunny in Harry Potter down to the color of Sirius Black's shoes in Order of the Phoenix without even blinking, but cannot for the life of me remember why Paul Revere was important or what started the Civil War, I have no idea.