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Lady Chatterly's Lover

Lady Chatterley's Lover - Doris Lessing,  D.H. Lawrence

Engaging and unique. Lots of sex. Weird sex, but not kinky. Just . . . weird, like with flowers. And Lawrence likes the word "bowels."


I would have given it five stars, except for two things: 1) He rambles on and on about the awful future and money, money, money bringing us all down, which is a valid point, but seriously? I got it the first ten times, the second twenty were a bit much; and 2) Lawrence's understanding of female sexuality, for a book about bodies and sex being integral to one's humanity, is a bit backward and confused. He seems to have been under the impression that if a girl couldn't get off with him at the exact same time, and with no, uh, outward stimulation, then there was something wrong with her.


He also uses the word "beak" very scarily, and I'll leave it at that.