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Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)

Summer Knight - Jim Butcher

Never thought this would actually happen, but I'm giving more than three stars to a Dresden File book. I'm still not entirely sure if that extra enjoyment was garnered by the writing (which I still think is pretty awkward in places . . . Jim Butcher and I are obviously not in agreement about what constitutes "cool"), or the fabulously sexy narration of James Marsters. His voice really brought out the color and personality that I felt was missing from the first three books. It also helps that I find fairies infinitely more interesting than ghosts, werewolves, and over the top wizards involved with the Mafia. While still being overwhelming pathetic, Harry also managed not to annoy me at all this book, a lot of which has to do with Marsters, but also to the fact that he's actually letting people help him now and not being so much a stupid martyr anymore. I'm also not going conceal the fact that I very much appreciated the absence of Susan, the vampires, and aforementioned stupid Mafia.


Anyway, I enjoyed this book enough that I'm in for the rest of the series, but it's gonna be audiobooks all the way.