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The Unwritten, Vol. 4: Leviathan

The Unwritten, Volume 4: Leviathan   [UNWRITTEN V04] [Paperback] - Mike-(Author) ; Gross,  Peter(Author) Carey

This series hurts my brain, but in a good way. I'm too hungover to say anything else. Wine is good, and wine is bad. That is my philosophical thought for the day.


Actually, I can tell you that when I went to B&N to buy this book, my boss said to me, "So I see you're still reading trash . . ." (because I told him a couple of weeks ago that basically all I've been reading since finishing my masters exams was YA and fantasy and mindless fluff), but when he said that I about bit his head off. "NO IT'S NOT," said I, "It's really really smart and good, so you can SUCK IT." I didn't actually tell him to suck it, but I think he could read between the lines. I mean, come on, dude works in a bookstore.


Good story.