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Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files #8)

Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher

I really liked this one. The monsters were scary, the fairy politics were awesome, as was the stuff with the White Council. All the plot twists kept the story fresh and exciting, and Butcher just keeps getting better at using his secondary characters, like Thomas, Murphy, and the Carpenter family (and he finally managed to make Charity likable). He also sets a bunch of stuff in motion for the rest of the series that makes me even more excited to keep reading.


I just wish -- and I really really really really REALLY wish this -- that for the love of God, Butcher would stop having characters say things 'quietly.' It seriously happens every other sentence at this point, and it is completely unnecessary and over the top. It needs to stop or I'm going to rip my fucking hair out of my head, and then mail it to him in a manila envelope. I will address it to 'Mr. Butcher' in crazy slanty writing, maybe with red ink, and inside will be a note that says:


"This is your fault, author," a crazed fan said quietly.


If I got arrested it would totally be worth it.