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Y: The Last Man, Volume 5: Ring of Truth

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 5: Ring of Truth - Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, José Marzán Jr.

It's been two years since an unknown plague (or something) killed all the men on Earth except for Yorick Brown, a young, unemployed escape artist. Vol. 5 is the largest in the series, following three different stories full of the Adventures of Yorick.


In "Tongues of Flame," Yorick leaves 355 and Allison sleeping at a YMCA (fittingly enough) to seek confession in a nearby church (he's still feeling guilty about accidentally killing that girl from the Sons of Arizona). What he finds instead is a beautiful blonde girl named Beth, but she's not that Beth. She's a former flight attendant who was up in the air when the plague hit. She had to land the plane, and all but three of the women on board died. She survived but she has a scar running all across her face, and now she takes care of this abandoned church, because where else is she going to go? She doesn't give Yorick the absolution he was seeking, but maybe she gives him something better. It's a nice little character piece, and yeah, Yorick finally gets to have some sex.


"Hero's Journey" is a one-shot that takes us through the past two years (and before) of Hero's life in small little snippets. We last saw Hero when she appeared at the Hot Suite just as astronaut Ciba was giving birth to a baby boy. She's been looking for her brother, tracking him all across the country. But what we really learn about Hero is that she was super messed up in the head, even before the plague hit. It's kind of a frightening look into her psyche, and it makes me even more anxious for her to reconnect with her brother. She is in serious need of some happy.


"Ring of Fire" makes up the bulk of Vol. 5. A bunch of stuff finally comes to a head. Hero finally tracks down Yorick to ask for forgiveness, the Amulet of Helene is destroyed, a ninja chick steals Ampersand, and Allison finally determines that it was Ampersand and his poop that probably saved Yorick from the plague that killed all the men. This of course is monumentally depressing to Yorick, because he thinks it means his survival was an accident, and that there is no great destiny awaiting him. He's just a stupid kid.