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I Know This Much Is True (Oprah's Book Club)

I Know This Much Is True - Wally Lamb I picked this book up three years ago, got half way through in a day or so, and then lost it. Consequently, I had to start over again when I picked it up again last week. Aside from the fact that it's really satisfying to complete a story you've had inside your head for over three years, this book was well worth the effort.My advice to you, though, is to be prepared to be depressed and angry, especially if you're one of those people who don't deal well with death and mental illness, or if you're very empathetic. Of course, the author's handling of these issues is one of the main reasons the book is so beautiful, but the narrator is so angry and depressed that sometimes I just had to put the book down in order to breathe. All I have to say is thank God for the ending.I wish there were half-stars. If so, I'd give this one four and a half, but if you like to be depressed and angry, it's a five.