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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus #3)

The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan

I can't write words right now because Percy and Annabeth just fell into Tartarus FOR FUCKING REAL.


I just really enjoyed this book. I loved the Greeks and Romans mixing, the journey to the old country, all the inner teenage demigod turmoil (a love triangle, Riordan, really?) and especially getting to spend so much quality time with Annabeth, because she's awesome (also Leo, because I love him and his crazy flying dragon warship). The stakes are super intense at this point, and even if I know that everything will work out in the end (this is a children's book, after all) I still raced through the last fifty pages like my life depended on it, and my heart fell out through my butt when that thing ↑ happened.


I wish there had been more of the demigods mingling and getting to know one another and bonding and such (although there were some great moments between Percy and Jason, but not nearly enough . . . maybe Riordan's holding that good stuff back for four and five?). Most of the time I kept forgetting these seven awesome demigods were traveling together because they were split up all the time. I'm sure part of this has to do with the fact that Mark of Athena is only told from the 3rd person POVs of all the Greek demigods. Jason, Hazel, and Frank will probably do the next one, although it would be really interesting to hear from Nico as well. Of course, if that's what's going to happen, I will probably not like it because HELLO, PERCY AND ANNABETH ARE IN TARTARUS AND I WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM. If the Romans reach the Doors of Death on the mortal side and just pop it open and there are Percy and Annabeth just chilling, and they're all, we have so much tell you guys, I WILL BE SO MAD.


And in closing, my obligatory moaning about having to wait a year for the blasted sequel. Eff you, waiting. I hate you.